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About our search site - this project was made for people, here are further attempts to explain the main concepts for beginners.

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Basic classical concepts about Internet, website, e-mail etc written for friends:

  What is the Internet ? It is an extensive network of servers ( computers which store sites ), connected and accessible to users through telephone wires, radio signals, fiber-optic cables and satellites.

  A website is a collection of information for access by Internet users, placed on a computer server, consisting of folders and files of certain formats.

  A search engine is a spider-robot, going about the World Wide Web, falling from one site to another on the links, then they do a text copy of the page to their hard drives and they give results to the user from there, and redirecting them to the site itself.

  Social network - is an online service for creating personal or corporate pages or websites on a common platform designed to build social relationships and information exchange.

  Catalogue is classified by themes or collections of sites, where the database is formed by people by the manual selection of information from the Internet or when the site is sent to the show's creator's directory for inclusion in the Collection.

  Rating Sites is a directory with pages in their database which include a software counter, and once the user opens the internet site, the signal goes into the database and ranking increases.

  Electronic mail - web sending text and files in the form of letters to a personal computer mailbox, a particular user for a confidential reading without publication (and sometimes with advanced functions, such as free e-mail on a public computer or a corporate mail).

>>:-)) But about the the algorithms of search engines and directories, the relevance of pages, citation indexes, ranking in the databases of search engines, and other original content uninteresting concept for the average user, it is best to read on specialized sites.

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